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Organic Coffee

What are the Qualifiers for Organic Coffee?

When it comes to the modern food industry, it seems the term “organic” is popping up everywhere. Whether you wish to buy popcorn or vegetables, organic options are ever-present. While there is a basic-level of understanding among most consumers, many are confused regarding what this term actually means? Moreover, how does organic growing methods affect the coffee industry? Is there really a difference between organic coffee and non-organic brands? In layman’s terms, organic coffee simply refers to the cultivation and […]

coffee tasting techniques

Effective Coffee Tasting Techniques

Are you looking for a way to enjoy your cup of coffee beyond simply adding a different flavored creamer? Throughout the past several years, the coffee industry has experienced an uptick in the number of specialty blends and beans. Referred to as third wave coffee, the beans are now being produced to highlight the unique flavors and textures only found in specific beans. If you wish to enrich your appreciation for this commonly consumed beverage, you must focus on enhancing […]

fair trade coffee

Criteria for Organic Fair Trade Coffee Labeling

Did you know that coffee is the second most valuable commodity within the entire world. In fact, the only product traded more frequently than coffee is petroleum. With over 25 million coffee farmers and workers sprinkled throughout the world, this is among the most lucrative industries throughout the world. However, with profitability comes greed, and with greed comes corrupt business practices. In an attempt to thwart coffee producers who utilize cheap labor and support farming practices, Organic Fair Trade labeling […]